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Introducing Posterzine®️

Where Art Meets Editorial in One Unique Format

Posterzine®️ is the world's only folded poster magazine registered with The British Library. It combines the eye-catching visual appeal of posters with the informative and engaging nature of a magazine. With its innovative format, Posterzine®️ is lightweight, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, printed on a single sheet of paper that folds into a mini-zine.

Elevate Your Content With Our Unique Format

  - Customisation & Flexibility: Tailor Posterzine®️ to your needs while keeping its original folding format.
  - Global Appeal: Join a community of worldwide collectors and present your content on an international stage.
  - Cost-Effective: Save on printing costs with our single-sheet design.
  - Eco-friendly: Make a statement with a sustainable product.
  - Diverse Distribution: Choose how to utilise and distribute your printed copies for maximum impact.
  - Proven Success: Stand on the shoulders of giants like Absolut Vodka, Brixton Brewery,, Strange Beast, Wongdoody, Magda Archer and Ballantine's whisky who have licensed Posterzine®️ for their own campaigns or commercial use.

Licensing Details

Your Content, Our Format

When you license Posterzine®️, you get the freedom to design and fill it with your own content. Whether you're a company, organisation, publisher, or artist, Posterzine®️ is perfect for showcasing projects, commercial or promotional materials.


  - Print Options: Opt for your own print partner, especially advantageous for international licensees.
  - Single Issue License: Test the waters with a one-issue license.
  - Showcase Art or Information: Utilise Posterzine®️ as a collectible or informational resource.


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