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Posterzine® Issue 93 | WONGDOODY

Posterzine® Issue 93 | WONGDOODY

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For this very special issue of Posterzine® we worked with Wongdoody to share a very important message. For the longest time history was written by the person with the most power—in every definition of the word. Now, through the internet and printed publications like Posterzine, the person with the smallest voice, with no power at all, can still record their own history. But what if there was no word for you in written language? In many European languages, words for people, places, and things are gendered. This means if you’re non-binary, genderqueer, or intersex, you don’t exist in written language. There’s no category for them, no word for them that fits. There’s no way to acknowledge their greatest achievements through awards. We are introducing æ, as a new letter to a keyboard that can be used for gender non-conforming people to write themselves into history in French, Spanish, Italian, German, and English. At this moment, the world is watching as transgender and gender non-conforming people are being stripped of their human rights. This group of people have always existed and yet for centuries they have been written out of history. Their stories were removed, refuted, rewritten, or censored. We can’t stop the hate, but when future historians come looking for our historical accounts, this letter will show them which stories were written by gender non-conforming people and their allies. You are holding the very first artefact created by gender non-conforming people to use this letter. Read our stories. We will be written into history. Using the letter æ, we can finally give a voice to the stories of gender non-conforming people. With our new letter, we can accurately record the rich history of these individuals and ensure that their achievements are forever acknowledged and celebrated. Our artefact is the first step in creating a more inclusive and diverse society for all individuals, regardless of gender identity. Join us in sharing our powerful stories and documenting the truth for future generations. wallet-provider">

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