Eike König: A Creative Force in the Debut Issue of Posterzine

Eike König: A Creative Force in the Debut Issue of Posterzine

In the inaugural edition of Posterzine, we celebrate the innovative and vibrant work of Eike König, a figure synonymous with groundbreaking creativity in the world of design. König, the mastermind behind the renowned Berlin-based creative collective HORT, is our very first featured artist, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Posterzine itself was born from a serendipitous moment. Originally intended as a supplement for Print Isn't Dead magazine, the overwhelming richness of König's interview and work led to the creation of a standalone publication. This happy accident allowed us to dive deeper into the essence of König’s artistic vision, offering readers an immersive experience into his world.

The very first issue of Posterzine is a visual spectacle, marked by its striking neon orange printing. This bold choice mirrors the energy and dynamism that König brings to his work. The vibrant orange hue is not just a colour; it's a statement of defiance against the mundane, a celebration of creativity that refuses to be ignored. It encapsulates the spirit of HORT and the ethos of König himself – vibrant, fearless, and unapologetically bold.

Eike König’s journey is as colourful and layered as his artistic output. As the founder of HORT, König has established a creative playground that defies conventional labels. HORT, more than a design studio, is a cultural hub, a place where art, design, and education intersect. Under König’s leadership, HORT has become known for its experimental approach, pushing the boundaries of visual communication and graphic design.

König’s work is a fusion of bold graphics, playful typography, and a keen sense of social commentary. His projects, ranging from brand identities to exhibition designs, are imbued with a sense of humour and an acute awareness of contemporary culture. This approach has not only earned him accolades but also a loyal following among design enthusiasts and art collectors worldwide.

Our feature on König in Posterzine delves into his creative process, exploring how his ideas evolve from abstract concepts to tangible art forms. We take a look behind the scenes at HORT, providing an exclusive peek into the collaborative environment and the creative dynamism that fuels the studio. It’s a rare opportunity to understand the mind and methods of one of the most influential figures in contemporary design.

The debut issue of Posterzine, dedicated to Eike König, is more than just a magazine. It’s a collector’s item, a piece of art in itself, blending insightful content with stunning visuals. The neon orange printing is not just a choice; it's a reflection of our commitment to standing out, to being bold and unafraid in our celebration of creativity.

In conclusion, this issue of Posterzine is a testament to the unexpected turns that lead to great beginnings. Featuring Eike König, a visionary in the field of design, it marks the start of a journey that promises to bring unique and inspiring stories from the world of art and design. It’s a must-have for anyone passionate about creativity, a vibrant homage to the power of visual storytelling and the endless possibilities of print. Join us in this exciting journey, starting with the brilliant world of Eike König in Posterzine.


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