Exploring Gijs van den Berg's Multifaceted Artistry in Posterzine Issue 96

Exploring Gijs van den Berg's Multifaceted Artistry in Posterzine Issue 96

Gijs van den Berg, a creative director and partner at KesselsKramer, has established himself as a dynamic force in the world of advertising and art. Known for his innovative and often unconventional approach, van den Berg continues to challenge the boundaries of creative expression. His feature in Posterzine Issue 96 provides a compelling look at his creative journey and the unique insights he brings to the table.

Since joining KesselsKramer in 2009, van den Berg has played a pivotal role in crafting some of the most memorable advertising campaigns. The agency is celebrated for its distinctive "advertising for people who don't like advertising" philosophy, creating impactful and humorous campaigns that resonate globally. Their approach turns potential negatives into engaging narratives, as brilliantly exemplified in their campaign for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, famously dubbed "the worst hotel in the world.ā€ā€‹

Posterzine Issue 96 dives into van den Bergā€™s explorations beyond the typical commercial framework, showcasing his work as not just an advertiser but a true multidisciplinary artist. In this issue, he discusses his perspective on the mundanity of office life, transforming it into a captivating visual narrative. His featured work in the issueā€”a way-finding poster for the modern officeā€”is both a practical tool and an artistic expression, reflecting his ability to merge functionality with high artā€‹.

In addition to his commercial successes, van den Bergā€™s personal artistic endeavours are highlighted in the issue. His exhibitions, such as "Souvenirs From The Sun" and his participations in the Sony World Photo Awards, reveal his adeptness not only in conceptual thinking but also in visual storytelling. This issue of Posterzine not only encapsulates his professional works but also gives readers insight into the creative processes that underpin his broader artistic venturesā€‹.

Posterzine Issue 96 not only serves as a canvas for van den Bergā€™s creative expressions but also as a testament to his philosophy of nurturing young talent and fostering a creative environment where innovation thrives. This reflects KesselsKramer's culture of encouraging creatives to find their own voice, a sentiment that van den Berg passionately supports and embodies in his workā€‹.

Gijs van den Berg's feature in Posterzine is a testament to the power of creative resilience and the impact of blending advertising with genuine artistic expression. It's an invitation to delve into the mind of a creator who continues to redefine the parameters of what it means to be a designer and an advertiser in today's fast-evolving creative landscape.


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