Bold Lines and Bright Futures: Kris Andrew Small's Vivid World in Posterzine Issue 88

Bold Lines and Bright Futures: Kris Andrew Small's Vivid World in Posterzine Issue 88

In the vibrant world of contemporary graphic design, Kris Andrew Small stands out with a distinctive style that challenges conventional aesthetics and embraces a dynamic blend of cultural influences. Featured in the 88th issue of Posterzine, Small's work is a celebration of bold colour, abstract shapes, and kinetic typography, making a compelling visual statement that's both engaging and thought-provoking.

Kris Andrew Small, based in Sydney, Australia, has developed a unique visual language that merges aspects of his personal identity with broader societal themes. His designs often reflect on issues such as mental health, racism, sexism, and toxic masculinity, infusing these heavy topics with a lively and exuberant tone that makes his art both accessible and impactful. This approach is vividly captured in Posterzine Issue 88, where his artwork not only serves as the cover but also unfolds into a striking A1 format poster.

Smallā€™s artistic journey is deeply personal, influenced by his experiences growing up queer in a traditionally masculine culture. His work is a testament to the power of art to challenge societal norms and inspire conversation. The issue delves into these themes, offering readers a closer look at the man behind the art and his creative process, which defies the typical boundaries of graphic design.

Posterzine itself is a unique publication from People of Print. It is registered with the British Library as a magazine but uniquely folds out into a large poster, providing a novel platform for artists like Small to showcase their work. Each issue is printed on high-quality G.F. Smith paper, emphasising the tactile aspect of print media, which complements Small's dynamic visual style.

Small's collaboration with Posterzine highlights not only his creative capabilities but also his commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional graphic design. His portfolio includes collaborations with major brands like Nike, Apple, and Gucci, where he consistently applies his signature style of vibrant and disruptive visuals.

Through this issue of Posterzine, readers gain insight into Small's creative ethos, which is characterised by a fearless approach to colour, pattern, and message. The publication serves as both a canvas and a narrative platform, charting his evolution as an artist who is as versatile as he is bold.

For those interested in contemporary graphic design, Kris Andrew Small's feature in Posterzine Issue 88 is a compelling showcase of how art can intersect with personal identity and societal commentary to produce work that is both meaningful and visually stunning.

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